All three of us at Allegheny Cyclery grew up around here.  More than just where we set up shop, Warren County is home to us.We live here, we work here, and we want to make Warren County, and the world, a better place to ride and to live.

What we’re doing

Allegheny Cyclery is the only shop in Warren County — and even a bit further out — to participate in the National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s BikeMS rides.  Starting with the 2014 Escape to the Lake, we will have a shop team, with Tug as the captain, as well as providing mechanical support along the way.

Want to join us to help the NMSS create a world free of multiple sclerosis? Want to join? Get in touch!


Starting in the Spring of 2014, we will be running free workshops, starting with a four-week commuting workshop in mid-March.


BikeFit Warren

Riding is one of the best ways to get in shape — it’s great for both body and mind .  Allegheny Cyclery is excited to start a program designed to get the people of Warren to make exercise more than just something you do for an hour a day at the gym.  BikeFit Warren focuses on making lifestyle changes to make getting in shape not just easier but more enjoyable.

Interested in join BikeFit Warren?  A proper website is planned, but, for the time being, check out our Facebook page.